Before Time

Before the beginning there was nothing. No space, no time, no thing. Just you.

What could you do? You could postulate.


Suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.

You could assume the existence of something and it would come into existence. Using this innate ability of yours all that is has come into existence. That which exists is known. That which does not exist is unknown or not known.

To make known and know, to make not known and not know comprise 4 postulates. Making known and knowing go together. Making not known and not knowing go together.

You can bring something into existence and have it and you can also take something out of existence and not have it. You not know that something and voila it ceases its existence. It only exists if you postulate that it exists.

Thoughts are a good example. Notice a thought come into existence. Notice that unless you continue to know it it ceases to exist. Where did it go? It didn’t go anywhere it just isn’t. Oh well, you may say, I can remember the thought. Yes, you can do anything with this ability of yours to postulate. You can postulate there is a past, a future, that there is memory, space, planets, stars, galaxies, and ants that bite; and so there is.

Who is this you? Sounds like a description of God. Yes, you is God. “Hell no! I’m not!” say you. So be it. 🙂

Who are you?

This is the question sages have asked throughout history. Sit still and meditate. Who is watching? Can this watcher be seen?

“Find out who you really are”, is what they will tell you. When you do, you will find Truth. You will be the Nothingness, the Emptiness, the Void; there are no words that can describe “It” for It is beyond description. It is “That”. You are that. From which everything arises.

What stands in the way of finding this out? Nothing stands in your way. You are That. You are beyond time. The creator of all that is. The One and the Many. Playing a game called Creation. “Wake up”, they say, you are dreaming this existence. “Who is dreaming?”

What is mind? Show me your mind say the sages. Show me this thing that afflicts you. Set it out for me on the table so that we can inspect this mind.

Be still. Quiet the mind.

But I have all these thoughts.

Why do you grab hold of these thoughts? Let them go by.

It just seems we have a hard time doing that. The mind is a complex thing, after all, I mean of course it is, isn’t it?

“Who is talking?”, says the sage. “I am.”, you reply.

“Who is this I that you speak of?”.

The concept of person, me, little me that is living in this body.

“Does it have a name?”

Yes, John Doe.

“This is the Ego speaking. That which has Name and Form is not eternal. Find that which is eternal, that does not change. Find out who you are, discover your eternity now. Live in the eternal present moment that we call Now. You are Life considering Itself to be separate.”, say the sages.

I find out who I am and then what?

God’s game plan:

To know what God IS, by experiencing Itself. God creates the idea that it is alone and has the idea of having Another. So there is the fragmentation of The One Nothing into The Many by some pretty fancy God postulates. Each fragment bestowed with the ability to postulate, to create, just like The One Nothing, God can create, because after all this is still the doing of God, which can’t be anything other than what it is. How can the infinite nothing be other than that which it is? By “Knowing” that it is otherwise.

This fragment we call a spiritual being. A chunk of God. That’s what these sages invite you to find out. Not just mentally but to experience it. Look under the covers, peek outside the mirror. Can you peek behind Consciousness? We are pieces of Life, the Nothing.

Why then can’t I just poof something into existence?

You’re too busy, that’s why.

Doing what?

Poofing the current moment of Now into Now. Haha. Sorry just kidding. You are not too busy. But do you think you can just poof something into existence?


Then that is probably the problem.

What, you mean that the problem is that I don’t think I can and therefor I can’t?

Sure, what other alternative answer is there?

Hmm, well perhaps that I can’t because I am just a human being.

Yes, I understand what you’re saying but I thought we already established that you were a spiritual being, a slice of Life.


Life is You. Life’s purpose: To find out what It is.

How does It do that?

Through creation. Creating Experience. To experience, experience. That’s what Life is about. How do you want to experience your experience? How is your creation of experience going today?

Life creates by postulating. So it must be that you have postulates about what you can and cannot do. Where are these postulates? Show me one? Where do they hang out?

They are held in this “thing” we call the mind.

Mind holds life’s experience.

A being creates by postulates. It brings things into existence to be known and it can take things out of existence back into the unknown.

  1. Make Known.
  2. Make Not Known
  3. Know
  4. Not Know

How do you know? Show me. Poof up a nice steak dinner.

How will you know if I did so?

Seeing is believing. I’ll know it when I see it.

Could it be that you will see it when you know it?

Balderdash! I’ll know it when you make it known.

So that’s the rule then is it? You can only know what has been made known? And that which has been made unknown cannot be known.


Welcome to this universe.

I know a good restaurant…


This blog is about metaphysics, the spirit and mind.

For starters I’ll be writing about a method for resolving the mind developed by Dennis Stephens. His book The Resolution of Mind“, also known as TROM,  is not well known in the spiritual/self help world. What can be accomplished with it is something that I am in the process of finding out.

I am going to present TROM in my own words.

I hope you will find it interesting and of use to you.